EXCLUSIVE: Nick Pope Explains Why You Should Pay Attention to the US Government's Recent Interest in UFOs (2023)

It's been a chaotic news cycle for the past few years, so it would be understandable if you missed some hidden news that doesn't get the same level of attention. Unfortunately, it's hard to hear much more about the din of rising tensions with Communist China, the war in Ukraine, and the various cultural strife that plague our country in seemingly every imaginable area.

However, if you've been listening carefully, you may have heard some news that the US government has openly admitted that unidentified objects are flying in our airspace and that Congress has ordered them to report it.

That's right honey, UFOs are real, albeit with an updated nickname: UAP.

EXCLUSIVE: Nick Pope Explains Why You Should Pay Attention to the US Government's Recent Interest in UFOs (1)

I've had the pleasure of sitting down with former Department of Defense official and Ancient Aliens contributor Nick Pope to discuss the implications of this news, why we should care, and the rise of the citizen scientist. So dust off your telescopes, queue up old seasons of The X-Files and prepare to be smitten by the real-life Spooky Mulder from Britain.

The long awaited ODNI report on UFOs is finally out. Here is what I believe is the key quote: "Some of these uncharacterized UAPs appear to have exhibited unusual flight characteristics or performance and require further analysis."https://t.co/Oe19irNWV4 pic.twitter.com/dhObbXhO67

– Nick Papa (@nickpopemod)13 January 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Nick Pope Explains Why You Should Pay Attention to the US Government's Recent Interest in UFOs (2)

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EXCLUSIVE: Nick Pope Explains Why You Should Pay Attention to the US Government's Recent Interest in UFOs (3)

It's not a bird, it's not a plane, and it's definitely not Superman.

In recent years, the Pentagon has seen unprecedented disclosure and acknowledgment of videos taken by military aircraft of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). In 2022, Congress held the first open congressional hearings on UFOs sinceProject Blue Bookin the 1950s.

"There is simply no denying that the United States government is now treating this as a national defense security issue," Pope said.

The importance of Congress' interest in UAPs is profound. Pope points this out because "it's one of the few bipartisan issues in our divided times."He's certainly not wrong when it comes down to it.

EXCLUSIVE: Nick Pope Explains Why You Should Pay Attention to the US Government's Recent Interest in UFOs (4)

Almost everyone from Republican Senator Marco Rubio to Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand wants answers, just as they should. To put events in perspective, these aircraft have entered and exited our military airspace without permission or with impunity.

are you chinese? North Korean? Little green men from Mars? We don't know, and that should concern all Americans.

This is a big problem, mainly because we are unable to identify them, let alone grant permission or punishment. The fact that this is happening affects us all, whether you believe in extraterrestrials or not.

So what are those things zooming in and out of the sky and mind you the seas too? According to Mr Pope.

EXCLUSIVE: Nick Pope Explains Why You Should Pay Attention to the US Government's Recent Interest in UFOs (5)

There is widespread speculation that these objects may be our own "kit" technology that we are experimenting with, unknown to the American public and possibly other aspects of government. Or it's the new technologies of our opponents that we don't yet understand technologically.

Many would argue that given their lackluster attempt to invade Ukraine, it couldn't possibly be Russian drones.

EXCLUSIVE: Nick Pope Explains Why You Should Pay Attention to the US Government's Recent Interest in UFOs (6)

"Never underestimate Russia," Pope warns coldly and precisely for those who think Russia's capabilities should be overlooked.

Just to see, let's just say these UAPs are out of this world. What does this mean not just for the United States, but for humanity as a whole?

Are "UFOs and Nuclear Weapons" a Cause or a Consequence of Greater Protection of Nuclear Facilities? Regardless of the answer to this question and the true nature of UAP, here's a brief introduction to the topic and an explanation of why it's important for us to find out.https://t.co/Is02NmW2nX

– Nick Papa (@nickpopemod)8 January 2023

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EXCLUSIVE: Nick Pope Explains Why You Should Pay Attention to the US Government's Recent Interest in UFOs (7)

'I want to believe'

Congress's inclusion of reporting procedures in the recent National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and essentially providing coverage for military personnel to file UAP reports, has led to an increase in sightings. Pentagon All Domains Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO)recently publishedIn their updated report, 171 of the 366 sightings reported by UAP are unexplained.

The gentleman. Pope argues that even if one of them were of extraterrestrial origin, it would fundamentally change the way we understand almost everything in our society. As he put it:

"It's the ultimate low probability, high impact scenario," as he put it.

It would be, as Mr. Papa says, "the day before and the day after". It would fundamentally change the way we view our individual and international conflicts.

If they are here to hurt us or watch us, their existence and exposure would shake the very foundations of everything from religion to technology, from what it means to be human to our understanding of ours place in existence itself. However, the government may already be aware of its existence.

Pope illuminates aMapSent in 2018 by the Defense Intelligence Agency to the office of Senators John McCain and corrupt Harry Reid about studies conducted by the Pentagon's Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program (AATIP). The study list had some interesting and surprising titles, such as:

  • Advanced nuclear propulsion for manned space missions
  • invisibility cloak
  • Traversable wormholes, stargates and negative energy
  • Warp drive, dark energy and manipulation of extra dimensions

The above is not exhaustive, but the list contains many other great nuggets, including perhaps my favorite entitled "An Introduction to Drake's Statistical Equation". For those of you who aren't nerds, try to spot the Drake equationhow manyExtraterrestrial civilizations are in the universe and detectable.

Our United States government has been investigating these concepts with taxpayers' money. Why is that happend? What did you discover? Why don't they talk about it more publicly?

Irony: archaeologists say so@Graham__HancockThe Ancient Apocalypse series isn't scientific, but much archeology has moved away from science and accepted concepts like, "Let's not have sex with skeletal remains because we don't know how these people would have identified themselves."

– Nick Papa (@nickpopemod)26. November 2022

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war cap

If you're like me, you might be sitting right now wondering why this wasn't, and still isn't, big news. Part of this may be a reluctance on the part of the mainstream media and scientific community to accept that UFOs and extraterrestrial life are no longer fringe issues, but genuinely interesting and substantial issues to cover.

Dad explained that there is also what he thinks is clear"Fight within the US government on this issue."

"There are disagreements about two things: the true nature of the phenomenon and how to respond to it, both the phenomenon itself and the public and the media," he added.

I think that's an important insight from Richard Dolan. Why shouldn't our own government be bound by standards of common decency? If they lied to us about the UAP.https://t.co/VY4U1cYa34

- Post-Disclosure-Welt (@PostDisclosure)26 January 2023

It's a real tug of war between government skeptics and believers. We see that in journalism, with conventional vehicles such asNew York TimesPublish articles attempting to debunk the UFO theory ahead of the second UAP report.

This conflict is also felt within the scientific community. The idea that "science is established" is not just limited to medicine; Many mainstream scientists completely scoff at the idea of ​​UFOs or extraterrestrial visitors.

Although Pope is not a scientist, he understands the basics of science, which unfortunately is more than I can say about some of the mainstream scientists today.

"Science is about proposing a hypothesis," Pope said, "and then designing an experiment to test it, collect your data, analyze it, test it, and validate it."

The Pope emphasized how"Scientists and academics are getting in now" with the concept that we may not be alone in the universe.

By Avi Loeb at Harvard University and hisGalileo-Projectto Michio Kaku, who is one of the most active in string theoryCreatorSince string field theory, the question of whether we are alone in the universe or not has been asked more and more frequently.

Of course, we cannot talk about this subject without aerospace engineer Dr. Mentioning Ancient Aliens contributor Travis Taylor, who not only stars in the popular Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch series, but was also the main actorthe chief scientistin der UAP Task Force des Pentagon.

Thanks to shows like Ancient Aliens, Skinwalker Ranch, and the US government's recent acknowledgment that there really is something out there, interest in these topics has perhaps never been greater. The gentleman. Pope called them "citizen scientists," which I love because I consider myself a "citizen journalist."

"Anyone with a bit of curiosity and passion can make new discoveries," Pope said.

"I wouldn't trust these people if they told me the sun would come up tomorrow. That's classic Washington arrogance."

I discussed the latest UAP (cover-up) report with him@JennPellegrino. Americans deserve to know what our government knows about UAP, they can handle it.pic.twitter.com/dB0ygmvABv

— Rep Tim Burchett (@RepTimBunchett)21 January 2023

Could be?

You may be wondering if my favorite racy political commentator is a believer or a skeptic? I would answer that I'm a bit of both, which is healthy.

In a world where more and more is being asked of us, dare I say it, forced to define ourselves by one polarizing label or another, we might from time to time define ourselves as a little bit of both. There are some things in this world that are inexplicable for now, and it's about time the scientific community followed our government's example and admitted it.

So disappointing that someone as respected and intelligent as Michio Kaku went live on TV and revealed this story to a mass audience.

This "core of the earth has stopped spinning" has become SciComm's biggest mistake in recent memory.pic.twitter.com/A1EpGAoxGg

— Chris Combs (Iterative Design Enthusiast) (@DrChrisCombs)27 January 2023

"I would never be so arrogant as to say we found everything," Pope said at the end of our conversation.

All too often, however, the collective "we" tends to be just as arrogant. There's no way aliens helped build the Pyramids of Giza or are visiting us now to see our military capabilities - we know all about history. Also, the distance is too great.

When we think just because we can't do something, we assume others can't either, what an arrogant species we've become. However, thanks to better technology, radar, satellite technology, and now artificial intelligence, as Pope noted, "we're finding new things all the time."

Who am I or any of us to say that aliens do not exist, that they are not actively visiting us now, and that they might have been able to visit us in the past? Could it be, could it be that we are not alone, that our history, present and future has more to offer than we think?

"Why don't we want to ask these questions? They're interesting and fun," Pope had told me before.

I can only agree and when it comes to the government the fact that they are asking these questions means that if you are a believer, a skeptic or like me you can be a little bit of both wondering... . .is it?

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