Indoor tanning time chart - tips for beginners - Talking Tan (2023)

When it comes to using aSun loungerIt is important to first understand how long you should use it.

Of course, not all skin types are created equal, so it's important to know the right amount of time to spend in a tanning bed before starting with your skin type.

This is where a tanning bed time chart comes in handy. Typically, the purpose of this type of chart is to provide an initial period of time and then gradually increase. Advancepale skinshould start with less time while people withdarker skinYou can start with a little more time.

Below, we'll take a look at that and how to figure out your own skin tone and our indoor tanning time table.

Understand your skin type

Before showing the chart, it is important that you first find out and understand what your skin tone is, to know at what level your skin is closest.

As I mentioned briefly above, someone with moreWhite skinYou need to start with a shorter session whereas someone with a darker tone might start with a longer session by comparison.

Although generally the first session should also be short. This is also for safety and ensuring that your skin tolerates the tanning bed; This is especially important for people with fairer skin, as they are more prone to this.burn solarium.

To help you use our chart correctly, we've divided skin types into different categories, from Type 1 to Type 5. Take a quick look at the different types to see which one you belong to first.

If you are not sure between 2 options, just choose the bottom one to be sure when you start. Check it out below:

Type 1

These are people with very fair skin, think pale skin with blue or green eyes. people withRed hairÖFor youoften fall into this category.

It is important to note that most people with this skin are unable to tan. That's why it's important to start small to see if you can tan your skin and minimize your chances of sunburn.

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Type 2

This skin type is fair skinned, they usually have a bit more complexion than skin type 1. People in this category usually have blue eyes or light brown or blonde hair. As with Type 1, the skin of people here can burn relatively easily, although there is a greater chance of safely tanning without burning than people with Type 1.

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Type 3

This skin tone is for people with light brown or more toned white skin. The skin here is much less prone to freckles. People here tend to have brown eyes and brown hair. People in this category are generally very good at tanning, but care must be taken not to overdo it, as the skin can still burn.

Type 4

This skin type is a more toned brown skin type. People here also tend to have darker brown hair and brown eyes. People with this skin type tend to tan quite easily without having to worry so much about sunburn.

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type 5

This type is for dark-skinned people. They usually had dark brown or black hair and dark colored eyes. This type of skin tans very easily with very little risk of sunburn.

tanning bed time table

skin typeSkin sensitivity (1-10)
louder is more sensitive
First Session (Week 1) week 2 week 3 and 4 From week 5
181-2 minutes2 minutes3-4 minutes5 minutes
272-3 minutes3 minutes5-6 minutes8-10 minutes
353-4 minutes4 minutes6-8 minutes10-12 minutes
433-4 minutes4 minutes8-10 minutes12-16 minutes
523-4 minutes4 minutes8-10 minutes12-16 minutes

This chart was created to answer common questions like "How long should I sunbathe in a tanning bed?". And also to know where to start and how many minutes of tanning do you really need to get started.

First, it's always a good idea to start small when using a tanning bed for the first time, regardless of skin type. This should start slowly. This significantly reduces the risk of skin burns.

If you go for your first session or during your first month of tanning and you notice some skin irritation or burning, you may want to consider an alternative form of tanning, such as a suntan lotion.tanning sprayÖself tannerinstead.

So we are slowly working the time up to a typical level where it will stay. This is a great way to see if your skin can handle strongultravioletthat shineSolarium LampsWatering and also to build a base tan for the first few weeks.

It also allows you to gradually reach the right level of tanning without worrying about yourself.darker tanof what you want.

As you can probably see from our tanning chart, we recommend at least 1 session per week for the first month. This way you can see how your skin looks during this time and also see the tan color you get over time. If everything goes well after 6 weeks, you can try tanning 2 times a week. We think this is the best balance to achieve a tanned look. With that in mind, we advise against tanning on the following days, or worse, on the same day, as the FDA advises against it (24 hour tanning rule). It is better to distribute the time, so if you do it 2 times a week, ideally every 3-4 days.

It is also important to take into account the sensitivity of the skin and the risk of burns depending on the skin type, as indicated in the table. This is just to point out that there is a greater risk if you spend a lot of time in a tanning bed before trying it.feuer,skin rashes,or general skin irritation in lighter skin types.

Please note that not all skin types can tan. If you're Skype type 1 or 2, it's entirely possible that instead of tanning, your skin is burning. If that's the case for you, you should opt for an indoor tanning alternative such as indoor tanning.

If you're not sure when to stop trying, choose to follow our 1-month tanning schedule as suggested above.

If you don't notice a tan and don't have any skin irritation, you can try the week 5 levels for another 2 weeks. If you notice skin irritation it is best to discontinue use and if you do not notice any tanning after 6 weeks it is also a good idea to try an alternative tanning method as mentioned above.

Check out our article for more tips:Tips for the solarium for beginners.&How often should you sunbathe in the solarium?.

Related questions

How long is 5 minutes in the solarium? (corresponds to the sun)

Comparing the time spent in a tanning bed, 5 minutes equals approximately 1 hour in the sun.

How many minutes should I get in a tanning bed?

In general, it is advisable to start slowly and only briefly at the beginning of the solarium. Generally, if you have fairer skin, do this for 1-2 minutes on your first session and if you have firmer skin, do this for 3-4 minutes.

What is a good tanning bed schedule?

In general, a good tanning schedule is once a week to ensure your skin can tolerate the tanning bed.

If you already know that your skin is fine with tanning, twice a week is usually a good amount to maintain your tan. Some professionals recommend up to 3 times a week, although we have found that 2 times is enough to also develop and maintain a tan.

Can you see results after a tanning session?

It usually takes more than one tanning session to develop a deep, even tan. Although you should notice a gradual improvement after each session.

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