Opportunities for silent investors in 2023 (2023)

The bottom line:Capitalist Exploits is dedicated to finding financial investment opportunities with asymmetric risk and reward. A monthly newsletter bringing you the latest and greatest in financial investing opportunities.Opportunities for silent investors

Opportunities for silent investors in 2023 (1)

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Advantages and disadvantages

Diving into the world of Capitalist Exploits for a few days, I was attracted by their claim: asymmetric trading, huge profits, custom reports, access to professionals.


  • impressive reputation
  • Regular monthly webinars to keep you up to date
  • 30 days right of withdrawal and money-back guarantee
  • remarkable customer service

In contrast

  • No trial period
  • The membership fee is to be paid one year in advance
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When it comes to gurus and market tips, there is no shortage of funder services.Opportunities for silent investors

The truth is, we all want to improve, invest more efficiently, stay on top, and generate income.

Isn't that the dream of investing, making big profits and preparing you and your family for life?

You may have found some creative and savvy marketers who signed up on investment sites like Zero Hedge or Investing.com.

Or maybe a friend or fellow trader sent you a chilling message claiming "+1000% returns" and muttering about "uneven risk/reward investing opportunities."

As a savvy investor, he had to at least look at the claims himself.

In this report, we take an in-depth look at a financial investment advisory firm promising great returns - just sign up, learn and trade side-by-side with the experts atcapitalist exploits.

At the helm of the ministry is Chris MacIntosh, less captain and more honored leader. Its storied past and demand for intimate knowledge of the market have led people to pay large sums of money to find it at their feet.

Our assessment will examine the achievements of capitalism, the great, the bad and the ugly.

As a disclaimer, we didn't get to the subscriber-only sections of Chris so we can't delve deeper, but we can still help you decide if this service is right for you.

Opportunities for silent investors in 2023 (2)

Opportunities for silent investors in 2023 (3)


Monthly Newspaper:$1,999 per year.

Danger:30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Service:Regular monthly investment opportunities.


What are capitalist exploits?

Fast Facts

  • Investment and Trade Advisory Service.
  • Claims from 5X to 10X, 100% to 1000%+ returns.
  • Tiered Membership Service.
  • Assets traded: natural deposits, alternatives, bitcoin, products.
  • Sponsors' forum with 450 members.
  • Newsletter with over 20,000 members.
  • Personas-Chave: Chris MacIntosh, Jamie Keech.

Capitalist Exploits is an investment advisory service provided by Chris MacIntosh, an analyst turned investor turned finance professional, and his team of seasoned investors.Opportunities for silent investors

Chris and his group operate in remote locations and are immersed in international markets to find opportunities that capitalize on excellent returns.

Consumers have 3 levels to choose from. The first level consists of free website material, a newsletter and a blog with business advice, opinions, market analysis, etc.

. The second tier is Insider, the core service offered to the customer at a significant upfront price.

The third and newest tier is Resource Expert, which focuses on early-stage financial investment opportunities in the natural resource space.

Resource Insider is run by Jamie Keech, a former engineer-turned-analyst-turned-financier.

(Video) How To Earn Passive Income as a Silent Investor / Business Partner

Whichever service you choose, the concept is that you will learn to spot and trade these powerful asymmetric trading opportunities.

You will continue as Chris and his team program you on the trades they recommend.

To get a better idea of ​​what and who we're dealing with, let's dive into the company behind the glittering website.

Who is Who der Wettbewerber

In the investing world, there are probably hundreds of people, websites, and services ready to share tips on how to find and close great deals.Opportunities for silent investors

We're sticking with three of the most popular services in this review.

Each offers a different approach to approach and negotiation, but all share one important thing: the guru.

Financiers behind capitalist exploits

Capitalist Exploits bills itself as an investment recommendation service run by a trading guru, Chris MacIntosh.

Much of the trading on the site and web is focused on positioning Chris as an effective investment advisor able to identify opportunities with exceptional returns.

Chris isn't the only so-called Stock Wizard on the team. The company has some other names that we will include.

Since you have to pay to know what the Capitalist Exploits team has come up with, it's better to ask: Who are these people?

Chris MacIntosh: Investor, Fund Manager, Advisor. Owner and leader of Capitalist Exploits.

Opportunities for silent investors in 2023 (4)

  • Analyzed previously: JPMorgan, Lehman Brothers and Robert Fleming and Co.
  • . Established and offered real estate investment company.
  • Runs on early stage investment capital (Seraph.vc).
  • Hedge fund manager, co-owner of Asymmetric Opportunities Fund.
  • Founders, capitalist exploits.
  • Active on Quora.

Bulletin of Capitalist Heroics

Chris and his team believe we are at a major turning point in history. This is a special time in the forex markets.Opportunities for silent investors

The international economic and financial system is facing unexpected changes.

Recommended by the Capitalist Exploits team, this upgrade is a significant opportunity for the seasoned financial professional.

"Join us," they say, to learn how you can benefit from the upcoming seismic changes.

As in any unstable moment, big wins and losses are possible.

Chris and his group strive to improve on typical business skills based on the belief that we are living in an extraordinary moment in history.

They positioned Capitalist Exploits as a wake-up call for investors who think the old ways of investing are dead but lack a clear vision of the future of investing.

The idea behind Capitalist Exploits is the idea of ​​asymmetric trading opportunities.

Simply put, this is a risk-reward skewed trade.

Preferably, this means every trade with a large advantage and a small disadvantage.

Troubled markets, says Chris, offer many opportunities for big gains.

Here is an image of one of those statements:

If you had sold Venezuela's currency against the dollar since early 2017, you would (conservatively) have turned $10,000 into $100,000.

Our goal is to duplicate this, and you can also use our latest trade alerts: 4 very specific trades we've taken, one of which is quickly moving in our favor.

(Video) Silent Trading Opportunities

Chris and his team believe they can guide you to great opportunities.Opportunities for silent investors

The idea of ​​unequal trading underpins some of the promises of Capitalist Exploits, so we need to see what they mean to understand the promises made by Chris and his group.

Unequal Business Opportunities: What's the Matter?

A quick Google search for asymmetric trading returns a plethora of articles from trading sites.

Finally, if we dig deep enough, we discover the father of motivational coaching: Tony Robbins.

In a previous speech entitled "Invest Like a Billionaire," Robbins promoted unequal risk premiums.

According to Robbins, the most profitable investors don't risk $1 to earn 10%, they risk $1 to earn 500%.

The big idea here driving Chris and his team is that investors need to get out there and look for opportunities that offer outsized returns relative to the threat.

Emerging markets are a great place to look; However, as Chris and his team discovered, you can really make significant profits in the crooked markets.


InvestAlongside hedge fund veterans.

Investment ideas from around the world that you are guaranteed not to find anywhere else.

  • High value trades aiming for large returns
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Insider Section (Access to premium recommendations and other services - $1,999 per year).


research reports- Dozens of professionally researched investment ideas from unrelated industries and styles, all with truly asymmetric risk-reward profiles.

  • Financial investment concepts that typically aim for a return of 5x+.
  • 60+ ideas to make NOW.
  • More than 15 sectors/styles in international markets.
  • Chris and the team invest in every opportunity.
  • (make sure our rewards are aligned!).


(Video) Are You Looking to Bring in Silent Investors?

weekly letter- Hear from Chris and his trading group each week for updates on what we're following, with additional stock picks for readers to read on.

  • actions we observe.
  • Analysis of existing sectors, styles.
  • Updates to previously published positions.
  • Reward content from our friends and partners.


  • Regular monthly questions and answers– Ask Chris and the group about any concerns about existing financial investments in the Expert's portfolio of investment ideas or about money management in general.
  • Webinar takes place every month.
  • Analysis of branches, existing topics.
  • Updates to previously published positions.
  • Enjoy content from our good friends and partners.


community- Sign up with hundreds of existing subscribers to connect and discuss your financial investments in our secure chat room.

  • Internal members only.
  • Casual dating around the world.
  • Review and look for gaps in business ideas.
  • Sharpen your investment spirit.

Latest ideas.

The Capitalist Exploits team does a great job every month to find the best investment opportunities for their subscribers. Each opportunity is based on extensive research and due diligence for each company they recommend.Opportunities for silent investors

You have a rare opportunity to take advantage of these opportunities for yourself, which will help you build and grow your wealth.For a limited time, get access to your program at 25% off now.

capitalist exploits

Capitalist Exploits is a widely distributed newsletter with a subscriber base of over 21,000 funders and a subscription-based service called Insider that provides international business insights.


Opportunities for silent investors in 2023 (5)

Silent investment opportunities Investment opportunities from silent partners

(Video) On Being a Silent Partner or Investor for a Business


How much percentage should a silent partner get? ›

The silent partner steps back and lets you run the business. Once your business turns a profit, the silent partner receives 20% of the net profit. The profit is what's left after you subtract business expenses from your total sales revenue.

How do silent investors make money? ›

Silent partners seek to generate passive investment income by contributing capital to a business, and thereby gain an interest in any profits the business makes. Silent partners are much like venture capitalists who look to profit from investing in a number of businesses.

What is the most profitable passive income? ›

Here are the best ways to earn passive income.
  1. Dividend stocks. ...
  2. Dividend index funds and exchange-traded funds. ...
  3. Bonds and bond index funds. ...
  4. High-yield savings accounts. ...
  5. Rental properties. ...
  6. Peer-to-peer lending. ...
  7. Private equity. ...
  8. Content.
Feb 7, 2023

What are the cons of silent partner? ›

The pros of being a silent partner include income, having less responsibility and easy investing, while the cons include legal risk, financial risk, and having no say in the business' activities.

Can an LLC have a silent partner? ›

A silent partner is any individual who provides funding to a business as his only contribution. Partnerships and LLCs can have silent partners. Silent partners can also be referred to as limited partners (LPs).

Which type of business is the easiest to start? ›

A sole proprietorship is easy to form and gives you complete control of your business. You're automatically considered to be a sole proprietorship if you do business activities but don't register as any other kind of business. Sole proprietorships do not produce a separate business entity.

Does a silent partner have to pay taxes? ›

Federal Taxes

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) treats silent partners like any other business partner. This means that you will have to pay taxes on your share of the profits earned by the limited liability company.

How do you become a silent investor? ›

How to become a silent partner in a business? If you want to be a silent partner in a business, you only need to invest money in the business, while staying uninvolved in management activities. Typically, your name will be in the partnership agreement, but you will have no say in the business's operation.

How to get rich in 2023? ›

Want to become real rich in 2023? Here is what experts suggest
  1. Investor mindset. ...
  2. Consider investing in the stock market. ...
  3. Lower your expenses. ...
  4. Utilise and invest in your skills. ...
  5. Invest in real estate.
Jan 18, 2023

What is the best passive income in 2023? ›

23 passive income ideas for building wealth
  1. Create a course. ...
  2. Write an e-book. ...
  3. Rental income. ...
  4. Affiliate marketing. ...
  5. Flip retail products. ...
  6. Sell photography online. ...
  7. Buy crowdfunded real estate. ...
  8. Peer-to-peer lending.

How to make $2,500 a month in passive income? ›

Here are five ways I make over $2,500 in passive income every month.
  1. Cash-back rewards. An easy way I've been making passive income lately is through cash-back credit cards and websites. ...
  2. Investing in small businesses. ...
  3. Peer-to-peer lending. ...
  4. Print-on-demand merchandise. ...
  5. Selling ads.
Aug 4, 2022

What is the easiest source of passive income? ›

Passive income streams can come from investing in mutual funds or real estate, selling products online, publishing online courses, or other side hustles in which the earner doesn't have to actively participate.

Why do people become silent partners? ›

Perhaps the main reason individuals become silent partners is the ability to enjoy a passive income stream without having to constantly monitor an investment. The essential basis of a silent partnership is trust in the individual or group that is running the business.

What are silent partners liable for? ›

A silent partner is jointly and respectively liable for debts incurred by the partnership and has the same rights to share in the profits of the business. The silent partner's name is not usually publicly disclosed.

Is a silent partner an owner? ›

A silent partner (or a limited partner) is merely a business partner who offers entrepreneur financial assistance. In other words, a silent partner is an investor. In exchange for pumping some of their own money into a business, silent partners become part owners of companies.

What percentage does a silent investor get? ›

Once your business turns a profit, the silent partner receives 20% of the net profit. The profit is what's left after you subtract business expenses from your total sales revenue.

Should I make my wife a partner in my LLC? ›

If an LLC is owned by a husband and wife in a non-community property state the LLC should file as a partnership. However, in community property states you can have your multi-member (husband and wife owners) and that LLC can get treated as a SMLLC for tax purposes.

Can my wife work under my LLC? ›

Hire Your Spouse as an Employee

This is perfectly legal, but if your LLC hires your spouse, they will be under the same state and federal employee laws as anyone else – and the LLC must meet those requirements. This includes any laws about time off, compensation, work safety, benefits, payroll taxes, etc.

What small business turns the most profit? ›

8 most profitable small business ideas
  • Fitness or physical therapy services. The pandemic seems to have permanently changed the fitness landscape. ...
  • App development. ...
  • Online consulting services. ...
  • Dropshipping. ...
  • Home improvement services. ...
  • Information security. ...
  • Event planning and virtual event planning. ...
  • Commercial cleaning services.

What are the top 5 small businesses to start? ›

Best small business ideas to start in 2023
  • Start a dropshipping business.
  • Design and sell print-on-demand t-shirts.
  • Launch your own book.
  • Create digital products or online courses.
  • Sell print-on-demand posters, greeting cards, and prints.
  • Start a charitable business.
  • Sell a service.
  • Create an online fashion boutique.
Dec 15, 2022

What is a fair percentage for investor? ›

There are, however, a number of words of wisdom to take on board and pitfalls for a business to avoid when taking their first big step. A lot of advisors would argue that for those starting out, the general guiding principle is that you should think about giving away somewhere between 10-20% of equity.

How much money can you give your spouse without being taxed? ›

The law completely ignores 2022 gifts of up to $16,000 per person, per year, that you give to any number of individuals. (You and your spouse together can can make joint gifts up to $32,000 per person, per year to any number of individuals.)

Can a silent partner be an employee? ›

Silent partners in an LP would still not be considered employees and wouldn;t pay self-employment taxes. However, general partners in an LP still have unlimited liability. Also, silent partners must keep out of the day-to-day operations of the business at all times.

What is the average income of an investor? ›

Investor salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.5 Lakhs to ₹ 54.9 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 4.8 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 16 latest salaries received from Investors.

Can you become an investor with no money? ›

Real estate partnerships are common for investing in real estate with little or no money. If you want to invest in a property, but the price tag is out of range, then an equity partnership may be what you need. An equity partner is an individual whom you bring into a transaction, to help finance a property.

How do I start investing from nothing? ›

Here's what you should know to start investing.
  1. Start investing as early as possible.
  2. Decide how much to invest.
  3. Open an investment account.
  4. Pick an investment strategy.
  5. Understand your investment options.
Jan 4, 2023

How to become a millionaire in 5 years? ›

Here's how you can become a millionaire in five years or less.
  1. Select your Niche. ...
  2. Put aside 20% of your income every month. ...
  3. Don't spend anything other than essentials. ...
  4. Get out of debt as quickly as possible. ...
  5. Start building Passive Income Streams.
Sep 28, 2022

What is the fastest way to become rich? ›

The 5 Fastest Ways To Become Rich, According To Experts
  1. Avoid (and Pay Down) Debt. Debt is not necessarily bad in all instances, but it is something to be avoided most of the time. ...
  2. Spend Intentionally and Minimize Costs. ...
  3. Invest as Much as Possible in a Diversified Portfolio. ...
  4. Work On Your Career. ...
  5. Find Extra Work.
Feb 21, 2023

How to become a millionaire with no money? ›

How to become a millionaire with no money
  1. Develop a millionaire's mindset. ...
  2. Carefully watch your expenses (big and small) ...
  3. Try to max out retirement investment accounts. ...
  4. Increase your income to become a millionaire faster. ...
  5. Use your money to make money. ...
  6. Avoid "lifestyle creep" ...
  7. Avoid debt at all costs.
Jan 11, 2023

Which industry will grow in 2023? ›

  7. TELECOM: ...
  8. RETAIL:
Jan 11, 2023

How to make millions in 2023? ›

10 Ways for Millennials To Get Rich in 2023
  1. Become a Realtor. ...
  2. Get Into Aggressive Investing. ...
  3. Start a Digital Company. ...
  4. Take on Freelance Work. ...
  5. Become a Consultant. ...
  6. Offer Coaching Services. ...
  7. Start a Small Business. ...
  8. Jump on the Short-Term Rental Trend.
5 days ago

How can I double my money in 3 years? ›

Say you want to double your money in 3 years so you can put a down payment on a house. Divide 72 by 3 to get 24. You will need a 24% rate of return on your investment. If you later decide not to buy the house and you left your money invested for another 6-7 years, then it would double two more times!

How can I make $10000 a month in passive income? ›

Here are 11 ways to make 10k a month.
  1. Start Dropshipping with Shopify. ...
  2. Offer Freelance Writing Services. ...
  3. Start a Bookkeeping Business. ...
  4. Open a Custom Pins Shop Online. ...
  5. Start Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank. ...
  6. Start a Blog. ...
  7. Sell T-Shirts through Tee Spring. ...
  8. Start a Web Development Business.
Jan 1, 2023

What can I invest in to make money fast? ›

Here are a few of the best short-term investments to consider that still offer you some return.
  1. High-yield savings accounts. ...
  2. Short-term corporate bond funds. ...
  3. Money market accounts. ...
  4. Cash management accounts. ...
  5. Short-term U.S. government bond funds. ...
  6. No-penalty certificates of deposit. ...
  7. Treasurys. ...
  8. Money market mutual funds.
Mar 1, 2023

How to make an extra $2,000 a month? ›

How Can I Make an Extra $2000 a Month?
  1. Become a Blogger and earn with affiliate marketing. ...
  2. Offer Proofreading Services. ...
  3. Complete paid online surveys for money. ...
  4. Earn money by testing apps and websites. ...
  5. Freelance Graphic Designs. ...
  6. Transcribe videos, phone calls, and other recordings. ...
  7. Become an online tutor.
Jan 30, 2023

How to make $2000 in two weeks? ›

How to Make $2,000 in Under 2 Weeks
  1. Sell stuff you already own. One of the best ways to earn money quickly is to sell stuff that you already own. ...
  2. Flip items for profit. ...
  3. Rent your car. ...
  4. Earn money with dogsitting. ...
  5. Earn money with food delivery. ...
  6. Get a temp job. ...
  7. Post an ad as a repair person or handyman. ...
  8. Sell knowledge.
Dec 3, 2019

How to earn $50,000 per month passive income? ›

Passive income is the income received on a regular basis with minimum effort required for maintenance. There are many investments which can fetch a monthly income of Rs 50,000. Some of the popular investments are PPF, FD, EPF and even mutual funds. To get Rs 50,000 a month, you have to accumulate a sizeable amount.

How much passive income is enough to retire? ›

Most experts say that you should plan on earning 70 to 90 percent of your current income. For example, let us say you will earn $70,000 per year before retiring. In that case, plan on earning between $49,000 to $63,000 per year from retirement savings and Social Security.

How can I make passive income online in 2023? ›

If you're eager to find ways to add new passive-income streams to your financial portfolio, here are five ways to start in 2023.
  1. Asset sharing. Asset sharing is the act of sharing things that you already own, at a price. ...
  2. Peer-to-peer lending. ...
  3. Dropshipping. ...
  4. Investing in crowdfunded real estate. ...
  5. Monetizing your audience.
Jan 29, 2023

How to earn passive income online 2023? ›

Sources of Passive Income
  1. Open a CD. Financial institutions issue certificates of deposit for terms ranging from a few months to 20 years. ...
  2. Sign Up for Cash Back Sites. ...
  3. Wrap Your Car. ...
  4. Rent Out Your Car. ...
  5. Buy a Rental Property. ...
  6. Start a Blog. ...
  7. Publish an E-Book.
Feb 27, 2023

What are the 7 streams of income? ›

7 Income Streams That Make Millionaires Rich
  • Capital Gains From Appreciated Assets. ...
  • Dividend Income. ...
  • Interest Payments. ...
  • Rental Income. ...
  • Business Income. ...
  • Earned Income. ...
  • Royalties and Selling Rights.
Oct 31, 2022

What are the 3 ways to become a millionaire? ›

Let's take a closer look at the three steps to becoming a millionaire.
  • Build an emergency savings account. According to HealthCare.gov, fixing a broken leg can cost up to $7,500 – and that's if you don't need surgery. ...
  • Earn more than you spend. ...
  • Faithfully invest.
Jan 3, 2022

What is the share of silent partner? ›

A silent partner is a business partner who invests in a business and becomes a part-owner of it with limited partnership liabilities. As the investor, they get a significant share in the company profits, which becomes the source of their passive income.

What percentage should I give my business partner? ›

You might start out distributing 25% of the quarterly profits to each partner, over and above your monthly salaries. Keep in mind if you distribute too much money and you have a slow quarter, than each of you will have to put an equal amount of money back in the company to get by, so be conservative!

What is the profit share for a sleeping partner? ›

The Sleeping Partner contributes, and in return, they receive partial ownership or secure business equity. The Sleeping Partner stays behind and trusts you to operate the business properly. If the business makes a profit, the sleeping will receive 20 percent of net profit.

Why do people want to be silent partners? ›

Getting a big return on their investment is the primary motivation of silent business partners. Essentially, they are looking for the potential profits of owning a business, but they don't want to actually have to manage the company.

How much profit should a business owner keep? ›

But in general, a healthy profit margin for a small business tends to range anywhere between 7% to 10%. Keep in mind, though, that certain businesses may see lower margins, such as retail or food-related companies. That's because they tend to have higher overhead costs.

What is the average partner buy in? ›

Buy-ins range from $100,000 to $150,000, with the average being $144,000. Only 18 out of 400 participating firms reported buy-ins in excess of $400,000.

How much profit should I keep from my business? ›

It recommends that business owners allocate 50% of their profits to paying themselves, 30% to taxes, and 20% for reinvesting in the business. This model gives business owners a reasonable amount of capital to enjoy, prepares them for future tax surprises and still accounts for reinvestment.

Who is a secret partner? ›

(i) Meaning: A secret partner is one whose association with the firm is unknown to the general public, whereas a nominal partner is one who allows the use of his name by a firm.

What is a good amount for profit-sharing? ›

There's no required profit-sharing percentage, but experts recommend staying between 2.5% and 7.5%.

What is a good profit share? ›

Most investors would view an average annual rate of return of 10% or more as a good ROI for long-term investments in the stock market. However, keep in mind that this is an average. Some years will deliver lower returns -- perhaps even negative returns.

How much money should I ask for from an investor? ›

If your company is early stage and has a valuation under $1M, don't ask for a $5M investment. The investor would be buying your company five times over, and he doesn't want it. If your valuation is around $1M, you can validly ask for $200K–$300K, and offer 20–30% of your company in exchange.

How fast do investors get paid back? ›

They are typically paid out quarterly, although some companies pay them monthly or annually. Another way companies repay investors is through share repurchases. Share repurchases are when a company buys back its own shares from investors.

How much cash should an investor have on hand? ›

A common-sense strategy may be to allocate no less than 5% of your portfolio to cash, and many prudent professionals may prefer to keep between 10% and 20% on hand.


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