Tanning bed time table: How long should you tan? (2023)

Do you want beautiful and tanned skin? Use a solarium! But how long should you tan?

although there issome precautionstake to the solarium.

This includes knowing their skin type and the right tanning times and sessions for them.

Sound confusing? DO NOT WORRY.

So this article is here to help you learn all about using a tanning bed for different skin types!


skin types

Before you look at your tanning bed chart, it's important to determine your skin type.

The following are particularly important:

  • How likely are you to get sunburned?
  • How easy it is to get a tan with a solarium for your skin type.

There are 5 main skin types to consider when using a tanning bed.

But everywherethe BRIGHTER your skin type, the LESS TIMEwant to spend per tanning session.

Type 1: Ivory skin type

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This skin type is very pale and does not tan easily.

Since you have very light skin, you should also be careful when tanning with this type of skin, as you can easily get sunburned in the solarium.

People with this complexion usually have blue or green eyes and blond or red hair. Sometimes redheads have freckles too.

Tanning this skin type can be challenging. The light from a deep tan can irritate pale skin.

We strongly recommend that you try itAirbrush or spray tanif that's your type

Type 2: beige skin type

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This skin type is still quite light, but not porcelain white.Like a light beige.

Burning this type of skin with a solarium is still easy, so tanning still needs to be done carefully.

However, it tans a little more easily than the previous skin type.

People with this skin type often have blue or green eyes and light brown hair. Some also have freckles as this is still a very fair skin type.

Type 3: medium skin type

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That's light brown skin.This skin type can burn but tends to tan quickly.

People of this color and skin type tend to have brown eyes.

He is a type that easily tans since he is one of the color types.

Type 4: Olive skin type

Tanning bed time table: How long should you tan? (4)

This is a light brown or olive skin type.

this skin typeYou may burn, but you'll tan FASTERthan the aforementioned types.

People with a light or dark brown skin type often have brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Type 5: honey skin type

Tanning bed time table: How long should you tan? (5)

This is a brown or dark skin type.This type of skin does not burn easily..

In addition, even a darker skin type will tan easily.

People with a dark skin type usually have dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.

How long should you stay in the solarium?

Once you determine your skin type, you will know how long you should tan. You can find out by looking at this graphic.

This tanning bed time chart will help you achieve the PERFECT tan.

Tanning bed time table: How long should you tan? (6)

This tanning time chart shows the tanning times that work best for your skin type - it's designed to give you MAXIMUM effectiveness and protection!

The times on the graph may seem like less time than you would like, but spending more time in the tanning bed can cause thisscaly, sunburned skin,It will jeopardize your tanning progress.

The first tanning session and the first week or two should help you create abased like this.This sets the right shade for your future tan.

After that onea deeper tan will develop over the next few sessions.

The sessions from the first to the third week are the MOST IMPORTANT part of tanning.

While session time may seem short, your patience will be rewarded in the long run with BEAUTIFUL, TANNED SKIN and a healthy glow!

If you want to keep your color, you can spend time in a tanning bed once or twice a week when your skin stops darkening.

Tips for every skin type.

In general, regardless of your skin type,Make sure your face is FREE of makeup.when you have your meetings.

For an even tan, you can tilt your head back to expose all parts of your body.


You don't want to waste your time and money on an uneven tan, do you?

Also, be sure to remove all contact lenses before going to bed.

Although UV rays are kept out of the eyes with proper shielding, heat can dry out the eyes, making the lenses very uncomfortable.

Also pay attention to your skin type!So you can keep your golden shine.

However, we're not done yet! There are other tips to keep in mind that are specific to your skin type.

Skin types ivory and beige.

If this is your skin type, you should be careful when tanning.

After all, protecting your skin should come first.

For ivory skin types:

  • For the first 3 sessions you should always stay 1 minute in the solarium.
  • After that, you can increase the tanning time, but only in 1-2 minute increments. This is because you are a pale skin type.

For beige skin types:

  • You can start with 2 minutes, but you still have to be very careful and build your base in small increments.
  • As soon as your skin feels hot or uncomfortable, STOP. This is to prevent detachment.
  • If your skin falls off, you'll have to start the process all over again! So make sure you do short tanning sessions.

CanUse a tanning acceleratorso that your tan develops faster. This will also help protect your skin from drying out.

If your tan accelerator doesn't include bronzer, you can apply it to your face for an even tan.

medium skin types

Your skin type should be careful when using a tanning bed, but you may experience slightly longer sessions than ivory and beige skin.

You'll notice the results quickly, but don't force it.Overexposure can even cause skin burns.

Once again,a tanning accelerator would be very helpfulfor faster results while protecting your skin type from UV rays.

Olive skin types

You can spend more time in the solarium, but howResults happen FAST, you might not want to spend a lot of time in a tanning bed.

A tanning accelerator works MIRACLES,And you don't have to spend a lot of time in the solarium!

honey skin types

Darker skin sessions are short.There are 2 reasons for this.

The first reason is still safety. Being less prone to sunburn doesn't mean you're immune to damage and UV rays.

The second reason is thatYou will see results very quicklySo you don't have to tan a lot to get the results you want!

You don't really need to develop a foundation as you naturally already have a good one. It would make it easier to get a golden tan!

AsuncreamIt will help you develop a nice dark tan without too many sessions.

Not to mention the tanning lotion will help you maintain a gorgeous glow!

Skin care after tanning

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No matter what skin type you have, aftercare is CRUCIAL. This helps protect your skin from flaking and sensitivity.

After you leave the solarium, your skin will continue to tan and produce melanin.for at least 12 hours.

And when you produce melanin, you get more color.

A tan booster will keep your skin hydrated while you are in the tanning bed and for an hour or two afterwards.

If you have lighter skin, use aloe vera gel.to refresh the skin and prevent dandruff.

Remember that tooDrink much water!Being in a tanning bed can be very dehydrating, so make sure you stay hydrated!

Maintaining a healthy skin type is key to maintaining your beautiful glow!

Frequently asked questions about tanning

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1. What is a good tanning program?

That would be the recommendation of most tanning professionalsThe first 3 sessions are carried out in a weekuntil a basic tan develops.

  • After the first weekYou can do 2 tanning sessions per week to darken the color.
  • Just make sure you don't do more than one tanning session in a 24-hour period.Your skin needs time to fully process the tanning.
  • To maintain your color, you should book one to two tanning sessions per week.

If you tan indoors, make sure you do itChoose the best time for your skin.

2. Should you apply a tanning accelerator to your face?

It really depends.

If you want the color to spread evenly all over your body, including your face, then you should.

but be careful withbrown acceleratorYou choose.

Some contain bronzers, so you should probably avoid putting them on your face.

3. Is a tanning bed better?

AStanding solariumIt takes less time to develop a basic tan than it does to go to the tanning bed.

You can also choose them for hygiene reasons, especially if you doindoor tanning.

This is because tanning beds are not always cleaned properly and you have to come into contact with them.

4. What is 10 minutes in a tanning bed?

Curious about the effectiveness of a tanning bed versus tanning on the beach?The answer is here.

10 minutes of indoor tanning equals 4 hours of sunshine!

So be sure to limit your tanning session to a few minutes per session and AT LEAST 3 times a week.

This is especially important for fair-skinned people who burn easily!

The great thing about tanning, however, is that you don't have to spend a lot of time outdoors, especially if you live in a cold place or your job requires you to stay indoors.

5. How often do you need to tan to see results?

Mostly,You will start noticing results after a few tanning sessions in the first week,However, it can take SEVERAL WEEKS of regular sessions (two or three times a week) to get a good tan.

Notethese guidelinesif this is your first time tanning.

If you are developing a basic tan before you leave for your winter vacation, start tanning two to three weeks before you plan to leave.

Just be careful not to get sunburned as that could ruin your entire progress.

results fromalso a spray tandiffer from a solarium.

6. Is indoor tanning possible for those who cannot tan outdoors?

If your skin type is prone to sunburn and you can't tan outdoors, tanning indoors can be challenging.

But burning is a challenge we can overcome!

Although difficult, it is still possible to achieve your dream skin color indoorsartificial tanning lotions.

By following the chart above, starting with short sessions and gradually increasing the time, you should achieve that golden tan.Regardless of your skin type!

7. When should I not use a solarium?

If you are taking photosensitizing drugs,you shouldn't tan.

To be sure, check the labels on your medication and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

These drugs would make you more susceptible to overexposure to ultraviolet rays.

Also, avoid staying in a tanning bed if you are pregnant.The heat of indoor tanning can harm both the mother and the fetus.

It's time to get that sun kissed glow!

Tanning bed time table: How long should you tan? (9)

Now that you know everything you need to get a beautiful and SAFE tan, it's time to get that sun-kissed glow!

Remember that you can get sunburned indoors too. So throttle with caution.

Only stay in the solarium as long as necessary and leave immediately if your skin type is not comfortable for you.

What are you waiting for? If it only takes 1 week to see results, get that sun-kissed glow today!

Just make sure you don't forgetApply your sunscreen!

Tanning bed time table: How long should you tan? (10)

Lex Carlson

I'm here to share all the tanning tips and tricks that guarantee that natural golden glow.

We have FAQ guides on tanning and maintaining a healthy tanned skin.

3000 BC Spa will help you decide which tanning methods and products are best for you!

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