What exactly is an e-ticket? (2023)

Updated August 26, 2016

Unless you've been on a plane for decades, you've probably used an e-ticket as your travel document. But even though air travel is common these days, there is still some confusion about what an e-ticket actually is.

An e-ticket is nothing more than a reservation in the airline's computer system, the one that tells them you've confirmed a ticketed seat on a particular flight.

There is also an electronic ticket when it is issued to youe-ticket accountwhich is then printed. An electronic ticket receipt often looks like an old-fashioned paper ticket, but it is not necessary to present it at the check-in desk on the day of the flight (although we recommend that you carry it with you, just in case). It serves as proof that your ticket has been issued).

To check in with an e-ticket, you only need to present a valid passport (for international flights) or government ID (domestic flights) so that the agent can upload your file to their system. The check-in agent will then give you your boarding pass to take to the gate. ThatisHowever, it is recommended that you carry your e-ticket receipts with you on the journey as they serve as proof of your booking in the event of a computer error or major electronic ticket error.

Fun fact: Southwest Airlines is credited with offering the world's first electronic ticket in 1994. A 2007 IATA (International Air Transport Association) study says that 97% of all tickets worldwide are now issued as electronic tickets. From an environmental perspective, IATA estimates that e-tickets save around 50,000 trees per year by eliminating the need for the paper used to print them.

Some advantages of flying with an e-ticket

If you wish, you can check in online 24 hours before your flight using your confirmation or ticket number from your e-ticket account on the airline's official website and, if you wish, print your boarding passes, send copies that you can scan on your smartphone or both. We recommend that you print out your boarding passes and send scanned copies to yourself. Use scannable copies whenever possible and keep printed boarding passes for your records. Online check-in the day before your trip can save you time at the airport, even if you have to check in your luggage, you don't have to queue to see an agent or use the check-in terminal, you can go directly to the line marked " bag trap".

Traveling with e-tickets offers the added convenience of not having to carry valuable paper tickets with you on your travels, thus avoiding the risk of theft, damage or loss. Most airlines still offer a paper ticket option, but they usually charge high fees, up to $50 for the service.

There are still paper tickets!

Theisairlines in the world, although not many, still issue paper tickets for their flights, mainly because updating the outdated ticketing system would not save money, leaving it as it is.

Airlines that still use paper-only ticketing systems are mostly smaller flights and/or regional low-cost carriers. It has nothing to do with the airline's quality or safety.

Paper tickets are sometimes, but rarely, required to be used when combining more than one airline on the same ticket. This is becoming increasingly uncommon, but there are cases where a paper ticket is required for the best price. If AirTreks needs to issue a paper ticket for part of your trip, we will ship those tickets to you free of charge, wherever you are in the world. We also make sure you know which legs of the journey are issued in this way and remind you to take the tickets with you to the airport.

How to read an e-ticket

Electronic ticket receipts can be difficult to decipher - there are many hieroglyphs (also known as travel speech) in each piece of information.

Nevertheless, there is some very basic and important information there, namely: date and city, airline and flight number information, as well as the e-ticket number, which is important to have if you want to access your records retroactively (too often to add information from brochures or try to return by date for example).

When AirTreks sends your map email, instructions are included on how to read a standard e-map. To download these instructions in pdf format, clickher. Otherwise, you read an e-ticket like this:

What exactly is an e-ticket? (1)

What exactly is an e-ticket? (2)

A – valideringsorgan
B – means that this document cannot be used to board your flight
C – place and date of issue
D – e-ticket number
E – name of the passenger
F – departure airport code
G – arrival airport codes
H – flight code and flight numbers
I – class of service and travel dates


What is an e-ticket and how does it work? ›

An e-ticket (electronic ticket) is a paperless electronic document used for ticketing purposes, such as airfare or concert admission. E-tickets are stored in a database and can be printed out at home or at the ticket counter of the venue.

Do you need to print out your e-ticket? ›

It is recommended, but not required, to print out an updated copy of your eTicket (or obtain a new copy from a ticket agent or an Amtrak kiosk) after you have modified your itinerary.

How do you use an e-ticket? ›

  1. Open the email we send you with the PDF(s) attached – this is separate to your booking confirmation email.
  2. If you like, you can add the eticket(s) to our app or Apple Wallet.
  3. Scan the QR code from your phone at the ticket gate at the station, or show to staff.

Can I show my e-ticket on my phone? ›

Yes. You can show your E-Ticket directly to the driver on your smartphone or device when boarding. This is the quickest and easiest way. If this is not possible you can print your ticket by pressing the 'printer friendly' button on your email.

Does a screenshot of an e-ticket work? ›

No, please do not screenshot your e-ticket as the QR code may be blurred or not sufficiently accurate to scan.

How long does an e-ticket take? ›

Most itineraries are issued within 24 hours but some fares do take longer.

Do you need to check-in with eTicket? ›

Yes! The only thing you'll need to check into your flight online is the confirmation code you got when you booked it, which doesn't usually appear on your e-ticket. And if you're checking in at the airport, the ticket agent will use your ID to find your ticket information in their computer system.

Does an e-ticket have to have a barcode? ›

Your receipt doesnt need a bar code becaue no one is scanning a receipt, but when you check in online or on the app prior to your flight your boarding pass will have one. An e-ticket is just data; it's not the boarding pass, which will have a bar code or QR code.

What is the difference between e-ticket and mobile ticket? ›

A mobile ticket is only accessible from a mobile device. For example, an iPhone or Android. The ticket is transferred to you via an app which is easily downloaded from the App store from your device. An E-ticket (Electronic) is a printable, pdf ticket that is emailed to your chosen email address.

How do I get my e-tickets on my iPhone? ›

How to add a boarding pass, ticket, or other pass to Apple Wallet on your iPhone
  1. Open the app, email, notification, or other communication that contains your boarding pass, ticket, or other pass.
  2. Tap Add to Apple Wallet.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. If necessary, tap Add in the upper right corner.
Sep 12, 2022

What are two advantages for using e-tickets? ›

Security: E-tickets are more secure than paper tickets, as they are stored electronically and can be easily replaced if lost or stolen. Flexibility: E-tickets offer more flexibility than paper tickets, as they can be easily modified or canceled online or through a mobile app.

How do I download my e-ticket? ›

Steps by Step Instruction to Print Indian Rail Train Ticket from IRCTC Website
  1. Open IRCTC Website.
  2. Log on IRCTC Website.
  3. Open Booked Ticket History Page.
  4. Print IRCTC Train Ticket ( E-Ticket)

Where can I scan my eTicket? ›

When you get to the station, open our app and go to 'My Tickets' or if you've added the eTicket to your phone's mobile wallet open that instead. Then scan the eTicket QR code above the reader to open the ticket gate. Screenshots of eTickets can't be used to travel.

Do QR codes work if you screenshot them? ›

Yes, you can scan a QR code from a screenshot or image by downloading the google lens application. Launch the application and refer to the image. Select it then you can proceed to the results page.

Can you just screenshot Ticketmaster tickets? ›

No. Your mobile ticket includes leading-edge technology with fraud protection, so you won't be able to use screenshots or print-outs.

Will a screenshot of a barcode work? ›

A clear image should work. The QR code is a 2-dimensional barcode consisting of tall black and white stripes that are read by an imaging device such as a camera or scanner. Any standard camera will be able to make room for this. Unless the QR code is too blurry to read, a screenshot will work.

How early can you do an e-ticket? ›

Some advantages of flying on an e-ticket

If you prefer, 24 hours before your flight, you can check-in online using your confirmation or ticket number from your e-ticket receipt on the airline's official website, and if you choose, print your boarding passes, send scannable copies to your smartphone, or both.

How many persons can travel in an e-ticket? ›

As per Indian Railways rules, a maximum of four passengers per PNR can be booked on Tatkal e-ticket. A person is allowed to book up to 4 tatkal tickets on one PNR.

How far in advance can you do an Eticket? ›

Just an FYI - even though the Covid questions have been removed from the e-ticket do not fill it out prior to 72 hours in advance.

How does an e-ticket work at the airport? ›

At the gate, e-ticket passengers need only show a valid photo identification card such as a driver's license to claim their spot on the aircraft. Once the airline confirms the traveler's information, it issues a boarding pass that the traveler uses to board the plane.

What is the difference between a boarding pass and an e-ticket? ›

The difference between an electronic ticket and a boarding pass. Simply put, the difference between an electronic ticket and a boarding pass is that the electronic ticket is a confirmation that you have completed your purchase, and boarding pass is a document that allows you to board on the plane.

What happens if you don't check-in online for a flight? ›

If you don't check in, you won't receive a boarding pass that allows you to board the plane, and your seat might be given up to a standby passenger. The check-in process also confirms your traveler details like your passport information and frequent flyer number.

What is the difference between paper ticket and e-ticket? ›

Paper tickets are so named because the flight coupons (the pieces of paper that contain the exact flight information and are labeled as flight coupons) are in paper form. With an electronic ticket, this information is held within the airline's reservation system and is indicated as electronic tickets when you check in.

Is an e-ticket a receipt? ›

An e-ticket itinerary / receipt contains important information of the e-ticket. It is necessary when changing reservations, applying for refunds and for boarding a flight. Please keep it with you throughout your travel. The e-ticket itinerary / receipt format may differ depending on the place of purchase.

Is an e-ticket a PDF? ›

Instead of a paper ticket, your ticket will be emailed to you as a PDF attachment.

Is an e-ticket a QR code? ›

An eTicket is issued as a QR barcode and sent to you by email, which can then either be printed onto paper or displayed on your phone to scan at a barcode reader at the station.

What are mobile QR tickets? ›

Mobile tickets are digital tickets with a QR code that are available via the Ticketmaster app on your phone and in your Account at ticketmaster.pl They are easier, safer and better than print-outs or paper tickets.

When should I do my Eticket? ›

It must be filled out before arriving at the airline counter at the airport, as the airline will ask for it.

How do you can I print Eticket? ›

You can print your e-tickets in Pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format after payment and validation of your order. Your e-tickets are attached to the order confirmation email. They are also available at any time after your order in your order history, in the My account section.

Can I board with Eticket? ›

Generally, a passenger with an electronic ticket will only need a boarding pass. If a passenger has a paper airline ticket, that ticket (or flight coupon) may be required to be attached to the boarding pass for the passenger to board the aircraft.

How do I add a ticket to my phone? ›

Add a ticket to Google Pay
  1. Buy your ticket through a participating airline's or venue's app or website or a ticket broker app or website.
  2. When you're done checking out, tap the Save to Google Pay button. If you don't have the Google Pay app installed, this button will open a web page where you can finish up.

Why are my tickets not showing up on Ticketmaster? ›

You must log in with the correct email address to access the tickets. You may have misspelled your e-mail address when purchasing the tickets. If you think this could be the reason, you can use THIS FORM to contact us.

How can I get my Eticket number? ›

eTkt, ETICKET or simply the ticket number. More information about the ticket number can be found by clicking on the info icon in your mobile boarding pass or the boarding pass in your Apple Wallet. The electronic ticket field contains the ticket number.

Why is the e-ticket system important? ›

The major aim of an online ticket software is to make sure that your business has satisfied customers every time they make a purchase. Such software makes the life of customer service reps and the customer itself, easy. Consumers are always after getting their issues resolved at the earliest.

Is it better to buy ticket online? ›

Benefits of Buying Flight Tickets Online

When you book airline tickets online, you can compare the airfares which can't be done while booking through calling an airline or a travel agent. You can browse many options before choosing the one that suits you the most. You can save a lot of time with early check-ins online.

What is a difference between e-tickets and tickets? ›

What is the Difference between e-Tickets and i-Tickets? While e-Tickets are paperless electronic tickets, Internet Tickets aka i-Tickets are a version of paper tickets.

Can I go through security with an e-ticket? ›

A mobile boarding pass is an electronic document on a personal mobile device that allows you to go through security and board your flight.

Can I change my eTicket to a paper ticket? ›

For most events, we offer eTickets (Mobile / Print-at-Home) wherever possible. If you already have an eTicket, we can't change this to post or collection. If you're not going to the event, you might be able to transfer your tickets to a friend. You can find out more on our Ticket Transfer FAQs.

Do I need an eTicket to travel? ›

Can I travel without a hard copy of an e-ticket? Yes! The only thing you'll need to check into your flight online is the confirmation code you got when you booked it, which doesn't usually appear on your e-ticket.

Do I need boarding pass if I have Eticket? ›

Generally, a passenger with an electronic ticket will only need a boarding pass. If a passenger has a paper airline ticket, that ticket (or flight coupon) may be required to be attached to the boarding pass for the passenger to board the aircraft.

Is it better to check-in online or at the airport? ›

For a short-haul flight where you are only taking hand luggage, checking in online saves a lot of time and is therefore much better than checking in at the airport. If, on the other hand, you have to check in bulky luggage, it is better to use the classic check-in at the airport for security reasons.

How do I get through the ticket barrier with an eTicket? ›

How do I get through the ticket barrier with an eTicket?
  1. Scan the QR code on the eTicket from your device or your printed paper if you've chosen to print your eTicket before you arrive at the station.
  2. Show your eTicket to a member of staff, and they'll open the barrier for you.

Can someone else use my eTicket? ›

If you buy an eTicket, once you have loaded the ticket into your Apple or Google Wallet, you can share it with someone else.

Does an e-ticket have a QR code? ›

An eTicket is a PDF attached to an email, which you can open directly on your phone. It contains a unique ticket verification (QR code) which is scanned upon entering a venue.

Why was it called an e-ticket? ›

The term "E ticket" was for some time used to describe cutting edge or top tier amusement park attractions, especially Disney attractions of this caliber, and “E-ticket ride” is a colloquial term for an exhilarating experience.

How do I know if my e-ticket is valid? ›

Just go on to the relevant airlines website, enter the details and check whether you are on the flight - you might need the 6 digit PNR if you've not already got it from the agent.


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